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The United States Postal Service (USPS) at the onset of this century has endorsed the use of tenant mailbox solution. This neighborhood cluster box mailbox solution enables postal carriers to quickly deliver mail to several mailboxes at a time. While doing this, the process does not permit the compromise of any of tenant’s privacy and security.

The solution: Cluster Box Mailboxes.

Some of the exterior features of the cluster box units (otherwise also known as CBU Mailboxes) include:

  • The tenant compartments could be in eight, twelve, thirteen, or sixteen.
  • An outgoing cluster box mail slot
  • At least a parcel locker compartment for packages that can’t go into the tenant’s mailbox.

How Does the CBU Mailbox Function?

At this juncture, the thought that may be wandering on your mind could be; how does the CBU help to secure tenant privacy as well as decrease mail carrier delivery time? If my guess is true, then this article will provide you with a better understanding of how CBU mailboxes function. A consideration of the daily routine of the postal carrier and the tenant, who are the two primary users, will make a better understanding. Now let’s consider the two primary users one after the other:

CBU Mailboxes and Postal Carriers

The postal carrier comes to a cluster mailbox unit with a special key. The key opens the mailbox’s high security lock, thereby enabling the postal carrier to access all the tenant mailbox units at once. Then, the postal carrier can quickly insert the mails into the different tenant’s mail slots.

Large packages are placed in a special parcel locker on the compartment while a special key to open the special parcel locker is slot into the tenant’s mailbox. When all mails have been delivered to their corresponding mailboxes, the postal carrier will then close the CBU mailbox doors and locks back the unit.

CBU Mailboxes and Tenants

The tenant simply uses the special mail slot key to open their specific tenant mailbox and retrieve the mail therein. Then, the tenant locks their mail slot to await next mail delivery. However, if it’s only a key that the tenant found in the mailbox, the key is used to open the special parcel locker and retrieve the package delivered. Once everything is done, the key to the parcel locker get stuck in the key slot. It is only the postal carrier who can remove the parcel locker key after use.

CBU Mailboxes Finish

Cluster box unit mailboxes come in three different varieties, which are: black, postal grey, and the standard sandstone. They can be shipped within 2 to 3 days.

CBU Mailbox Keys

The standard allows three keys for each cluster box unit door. The property manager is permit to keep a master key for future duplication. Each tenant, however, are given two keys to access their mail slot.

CBU Mailbox Numbering

In order to ascertain tenant’s security and as precautions against intruders, The MailboxWorks (the U.S leading supplier of CBU mailboxes) recommends that tenants do not use numbers corresponding to their apartment or office numbers. Hence, the CBU doors can be identified using standard silver placards or engraved numerals.

CBU Mailbox Security

Other advanced security features available for CBU mailboxes include using a heavy-duty pedestal to secure the CBU mailboxes to the ground, using thicker aluminum wrapping, and reinforcing cabinets to conquer mail theft problem.

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