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Some mailboxes come with special posts for support. These are called post mount mailboxes or combo sets. Most of these sets are constructed using heavy duty materials with tough finish that may require little or no maintenance. This combination makes life much easier when selecting a mail box and post. You don’t need to waste precious time trying to select matching mailbox and post. All you need to do in this case is to select a combo set that is functional, durable, and attractive. Of course, a rusty or peeling mailbox won’t give much alluring sensations to the eyes even on a perfectly manicured lawn.

If you don’t want to keep wandering around looking for a matching post to a mailbox, it best to purchase a mailbox set along with a matching post. Buying a mail box with its post sets is also an assurance that the mailbox will properly fit on top of the post. Purchasing these items individually may constitute a risk situation where money and time may be wasted if they are not properly matched.

The only downside of purchasing the combo set is that they often come in the standard T1 size mailbox. Thus, if you buy an over-sized box, it will be better off if you purchase your mailbox and post individually. There are few categories of mailbox and combo sets on the market. The goal is to select the one that suit your taste and style. These combo sets are basically the same with a few differences. These Mailboxes come in different materials such as woods, plastics, aluminum, brass, and stones and in different colors. Read on and take your time to learn more about the different types post mount mailbox you can find on the market.

Contemporary Mailbox and Post – Combo Set

You can make a choice of mailbox as well as post design to suit your taste and contemporary lifestyle. Today, many stylish modern and contemporary mailbox and post sets are readily available on different online retail marketplaces. The beauty of contemporary mailbox styles is that they offer smooth unbroken lines and sleek finishing for an elegant residential impact. In order to stay ahead of competition, different manufacturers try to produce mailboxes that standout. For instance, Houseart makes beautiful Picasso post mount mailboxes for homeowners that love unique products. On the other hand, Rittenhouse has produced a Monet mailbox that is both functional and beautiful with artistic statement. Contemporary mailboxes are uniquely crafted with sleek and clean simple lines to create impressive sight for the eyes.

Residential Mail Box and Post – Combo Set

Residential mail box and post sets are basically the same as the contemporary mailboxes. They make it easier for homeowners to install mailboxes in their home given their combo sets. Residential mailbox and post sets are also available on different retail stores online. There are several elegantly designed residential mailboxes and post sets on the market in a variety of price ranges and styles. Buying online, however, helps to save you money, time and gas. All you need to do is a little research and planning, you will definitely find the residential mailbox that suits your needs.

Traditional Mailbox and Post – Combo Set

Just like the two versions above, traditional mailbox and post set makes life more convenience for users during purchase. However, it’s the most suitable mailbox for the traditional family. There are stylish and elegant traditional mailboxes and posts online as well. The Newport 1812 supplies mailbox sets that combine old world detailing with modern technology. In similar manner, the Durham 1092 offers mailbox sets that come with a traditional dome shaped mailbox and an aluminum post. No doubt, the simple and stylish traditional finish will add a new aesthetic value to your home.

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